Just when we thought that a Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood-like tranquility had been restored after the Josh Beckett testosterone-fest on Sunday, Our Man Tavarez kicked good King Friday square in the figs, whacking Tampa Bay’s Joey Gathright — when the guy was on the ground, no less — because he thought he was trying to spike him. But where Beckett’s flare up comes off more cowboy than anything else, Tavarez seems to be absolutely bats–t loopers.

Even worse, that fey slap-chop swing he delivered may have single-handedly set the Red Sox fighting machine back one hundred years. I can totally see Jody Reed taking this guy’s lunch money.

Not only does this raise some serious questions about JT, it also ensures us another season of blood fuedin’ between the Sox and Rays. I think, pound for pound, we’ve probably brawled more with the D-Rays in recent years than the Yankees, and there’s a lingering animosity that seems to spill out every time we head down south. Remember Gerald Williams charging Pedro a couple years back? Or the now-infamous “let’s kill Brian Daubach” routine? What up with that?