I realized something while watching tonight’s Remdog Unleashed special on NESN.

First, my manlove for Remy is immense. And after a winter that found me wasting valuable life-hours trolling late-night Cinemax and the Cartoon Network, he’s back not a moment too soon.

Second, there is simply no better chemistry to be found than what we’ve got between Rem and Don O. Seriously, watching the clips of some of the Dawg’s previous co-conspirators — even the great Sean McDonough — gave me that deflated feeling you get when you come across a Shemp or Curly Joe episode. Or a Streets of San Francisco with Richard Hatch. Or a post-Ralph Malph Happy Days. Something just ain’t clickin’. But with Orsillo, the Remster just seems so relaxed, so atop his game. The two complement each other like a perfect marriage, attaining that elusive Skipper-Gilligan synergy that makes even a 15-2 blowout at the hands of the Kansas City Royals worth sticking out.

Here’s hoping they stay together forever.