Congrats to Terry Francona on finally scoring a raise from his bosses. A long time coming, if you ask me. If all was right with the world, the dude should be able to walk into any bar in New England, snap his fingers ala “The Fonz,” and immediately receive a line of hot college chicks ready to service him.

Also good to see “Angry Tito” raise his head from time to time. Check this bit in the Hartford Courant, via Dirt Dogs, in which Tito gives Boomer what for:

I told him, ‘David, as of the fourth of March, you wanted to be traded. Now all of a sudden you want to pitch second.’ It’s not going to happen.”

“He’s going to have to be able to be a little flexible. That’s all he has to do, just be a little flexible and we’ll make this work. But again, if there’s not flexibility on his part, too, we’re probably going to bump heads a little bit.”

Yeah, it’s not exactly death threat kinda stuff, but it bodes well for what will certainly be a sound-byte laden season.

Let’s roll.