Folks, I’m having those dreams again. No, not the Eva Longoria-Keira Knightley threesome, although that’s a good one, too. I’m talking about the one where Clemens shows up in a Boston uni for the 2006 season.

I was able to let it go for a while, but then all these articles started springing up over the weekend, getting me hot and bothered once again.

Jiminy Christmas, can you even wrap your brain around the idea of a rotation featuring Clemens, Schilling, Beckett, Wells and Wakefield? Can’t you just see the friggin’ Sports Illustrated cover with these five guys, all grimacing and serious-like, with their World Series rings aglitter and Boomer clutching a Subway Double-Meat roast beef & turkey? Sure, there’s a chance all five of them could be in wheelchairs and/or rehab by June 1. But if everything clicked just right? Shivers!

And, yeah, despite his recent shenanigans, I still expect Wells to be in the starting rotation next month. Come on, a disgruntled Wells is an exciting Wells!