The Mile High City. The Orange Crush. Thin air. Chop blocks. More thousand-yard rushers than broken blood vessels in Ted Kennedy’s face.

For the Patriots, just another day at the office. Anyone who has watched this team over the past five seasons knows that Coach Bill and company really don’t care who is on the other side of the ball. They plan, practice, adjust and execute. And win.

The numbers are staggering when the Patriots face a team or QB for the second time in a season. Equally impressive are the December and January stats. And the wild card in the whole mix is whether or not Plummer will spit the bit as he’s done in every big game he’s played.

Whatever the case, it will be decided tonight. No more WEEI callers game-planning the win and talking about the front seven and the secondary and establishing the running game. Time to play the game. Based on my Nostradamus-like prediction last week, I’m going out on a limb to call the game tonight. Patriots 20, Broncos 16.