Pending physicals seem to be all that’s standing between Coco Crisp’s arrival in Boston. As explained in today’s Globe, the trade has Boston sending Andy Marte, Guillermo Mota and Kelly Shoppach for Crisp, set-up guy [and, for a deal like this, unfortunately named] David Riske and catcher Josh Bard. I’m not sure I dig the idea of including Mota, but these are the kinds of things you must do when everyone from here to Frostbite Falls knows you need a centerfielder.

Once this deal is finalized, the Sox are then expected to turn to Alex Gonzalez. So our Opening Day lineup will probably look something like this:

Coco Crisp, cf
Mark Loretta, 2b
David Ortiz, dh
Manny Ramirez, lf
Jason Varitek, c
Trot Nixon, rf
Mike Lowell, 3b
J.T. Snow [or Kevin Youkilis], 1b
Alex Gonzalez, ss

I’ve always been a fan of Crisp, as anyone who’s heard his blockbuster rap track “We Got That Thing” should be. But after reading an interview from Paper Magazine, I’m grabbing the bandwagon steering wheel. Dig this:

PAPER: You take a limiting uniform and infuse it with such personal style. What’s behind the trademark way you wear your hat askew and pants at varied lengths

CC: I wore my hat to the side in Little League but when I got to high school everyone said wear your hat straight. In the minors I was able to have fun again and put it to the side. I decided to keep it going in the big leagues and hoped nobody would say anything and they didn’t. it just feels more comfortable. When I wear my pants to my ankles I feel like more of a big guy… like I have more power. And when I wear them at the knees — showing full sock — I feel more like a speedster. I switch it up based on how I feel.

“Showing full sock”? Man, the news is just gonna write itself this season.