Ah, the holidays. Ever-present families, empty checkbooks, crowded streets and stores, long gaps in the memory from binge drinking. And weekends with not a single free minute to post on this site. With Red last seen Friday night dressed as an elf with a half-dead bottle of Jack Daniels in one hand (a tribute to Kevin Millar) and a pack of Luckies in his other hand, I think I’d better post something today.

The so-called market correction in MLB is over. Furcal getting 3 years at 39 million is all the proof you need. But Gordon (3 years, 18 million), Farnsworth (3 years, 17 million)and BJ Ryan (5 years, 47 million) are a few more names that prove pitching is at a premium and teams are willing to pay for it.

Reggie Bush (hehe, I said Bush) is worthy of any and all hype he gets. He is the real deal. Playing against the 12th ranked team in the country with his Heisman-winner QB Matt Leinart having an abysmal game, all Bush did was rush for 260 yards on 24 carries and score 2 touchdowns. Bush will win the Heisman this year and be the number 1 pick in the draft. Houston, Green Bay, the Jets and San Fran will all be playing out the season to get Reggie.

Putting a shopping cart in front of most humans drops their IQ by at least 50 points. They couldn’t strategically block aisles as well as they do if they had MIT degrees and military training. Reason number 93 why I am not allowed a gun permit in 47 states.

If I hear one more expert analysis of the Thornton trade, I’m taking hostages. Oh, and the Bruins still suck.

Red Sox pitchers and catchers report in 74 days.