What is going on in Red Sox Nation? We don’t have a center fielder, our left fielder wants out, no shortstop or legitimate first baseman, but we now have two GM’s! Swell.

This move ranks right up there with trying to sell chunks of Fenway turf. Other than the Beckett deal and dumping Renteria, the front office has been in shambles since Halloween. There are holes to fill and deals to be made, yet the focus remains on trying to replace Theo and getting the World Series ball back.

Was Theo that good that it takes two GM’s to replace him? The new rumor is that Theo was offered the President of Baseball Operations job two-and-a-half weeks ago by John Henry. Huh? What about Larry? Other rumors have Theo pulling the strings all along this offseason. At this point, I don’t really care. Get me a shortstop with less errors than Dennis Rodman has STD’s. Get me a centerfielder that doesn’t have to run in and hand the ball to the cutoff man. How about a first baseman while you’re at it?

This is baseball, not politics. Get us baseball players, not GM’s.