Howie: Today we’re here with former Red Sox shortstop Nomar Garciaparra. Nomar, let’s get right into this. Can you comment on your fall from future first ballot Hall of Famer to journeyman utility infielder?

Nomar: Howard, that’s not really how I look at it…

Howie: Well let me suggest that you start looking at it that way. You were once spoken of in the same breath as Jeter and A-Rod, now you’ll be playing first base. You were offered a contract that would pay you $15 million each year for 4 years. You won’t make $15 million combined between 2005 and 2006, and you have no guaranteed contract after that. Nomar?

Nomar: Howard, as you know, I’ve had serious injuries that have hampered…

Howie: All right. We know all about the injury problems. Let’s switch topics. What kind of name is Nomar?

Nomar: I thought it was widely known that I was named after my father, sort of. His name is Ramon. He reversed it and got Nomar.

Howard: Good thing his name wasn’t Resol.

Nomar: Uh…

Howard: So now you’ll be playing for Grady little with Derek Lowe. A reunion of sorts.

Nomar: That’s right. I always enjoyed and respected…

Howard: Fantastic. And what about the stories that you have been reduced to an emasculated shell of your former self since marrying the lovely, if somewhat manly, Mia Hamm?

Nomar: Is that what they’re saying? That’s funny.

Howard: We are just about out of time. Is there anything you’d like to say to your fans or former fans back in Boston?

Nomar: Uh…is the 4-years at 60 still good? How about Renteria money?