Nomar at short. Roger on the mound. Now we’re talkin’. But why stop there? Surely there are a few more ex-Sox who could use the work?

Dwight Evans: I’ve never been a big Nixon fan… can’t we dust off Dewey for a couple more seasons? Not only does he look like he could still navigate the right field corner, but, more importantly, “Dew-ey” was the coolest nickname ever chanted in the stands at Fenway. Think about it; since he’s been gone, the best we’ve come up with is “Louuuuuuu” and “Youuuuuuuk.” The defense rests: Bring back Dewey.

Frank Viola: No other reason that to let today’s younguns know the horror of what was Major League Baseball’s worst-ever ‘stache-and-‘fro combo.

Craig Grebeck: I gotta tell ya, I miss seeing the li’l guy patrolling second base. Even if I kept wondering when Gene Wilder would be showing up in his top hat and cane to usher him back to the Chocolate Factory.

Jim Rice: Consider this scenario: Manny shows up at spring training, but, disgruntled because he wasn’t traded, decides to lollygag his way out of town. In the middle of a grapefruit game against Pittsburgh, Big Jim Ed straps up his boots, grabs a glove, and shuffles out to left, reclaiming his position and telling Manny to “go the f–k home.” I can hear the Hall of Fame voters swooning.

Mike Lansing: “Hey, remember that time I made that snag to preserve Hideo Nomo’s no-hitter? What a play. Awesome, I tell ya. Freakin’ awesome. Huh? Yeah, I’ll have another Wild Turkey.”

Anyone else?

Thanks to Bill Moran for the photo suggestion.