Yeah, this is a baseball website, but we gotta give the love elsewhere sometimes. Today, we give props to the world champion New England Patriots. They’re back. Not that they were ever gone, but you know what I mean. Beating up on the J-E-T-S and Buffalo might not have made believers out of anyone, but yesterday’s thrashing of the Bucs is a different story altogether.

Tampa Bay ran the ball 18 times for 30 total yards. Meanwhile, the Pats rang up 7 sacks pushing the Bucs backwards 47 yards. Just another day at the office for Brady (258 yards, 3 TD’s) and the offense. The result: a 28-0 drubbing and another AFC East title.

The Pats have outscored their opponents 79-10 in the last three games. Say what you want about the opposition, but they are NFL teams and they do average more than 3 points per game. Until they face a healthy Patriot defense.

December and January mean one thing to New England football fans: winning. If I were the Colts, I wouldn’t be ordering my Superbowl rings just yet.