With all of the craziness of the holidays, the money-spending, the binge-drinking, the late-night mime parties, things tend to go unnoticed. Now that we’re all broke and drying out, the mistletoe belt buckles put away for another year, time to catch up on a couple of stories.

Matt Lawton tested positive for steroids back in November. Now, I hate cheaters and don’t condone anything that takes away from the integrity of the game. But I do have to give Lawton some credit; he admitted using steroids at the end of last season. His production and power numbers were down, and he wanted to try to get an edge, try to regain his form, so he turned to steroids. Bad idea, but it is a little refreshing to see some honesty. No mysterious B-12 vials, no alien abductions whose anal probes were tainted with ‘roids, no claims of being stung by a juiced-up bee that escaped the insect experimentation area of the secret Roswell facility. Just a guy who screwed up.

Boston College won a record 6th straight Bowl game by barely hanging on to beat Boise State. The game was a home game for Boise, played on their heinous blue-carpet home field in Idaho (no, you ‘da ho!). Apparently, Boise State and Bowl sponsors MPC Computers made that very obvious by turning the pre-game “neutral” dinner into a Boise State pep rally. That gave BC all the motivation they needed to come out strong, but probably contributed as well to them almost blowing a 27 point lead. Late in the third quarter they were still throwing on most downs and making no attempts to stay in bounds and work the clock. It looked they were in the “run it up” mode and it almost backfired. They hung on to win by intercepting the ball in the endzone with under a minute left in what would have been a crushing loss had Boise scored.

Tim Wakefield was at the Jimmy Fund Clinic the Friday before Christmas handing out $100 giftcards and signed jerseys and hats (blue for boys, pink for girls) to all patients in the Clinic. Baseball, actually the world, needs more Tim Wakefield’s.

The Bruins still suck.