So this morning, I come down off Cloud Nine to enjoy a nice big bowl of Wheetabix. And I flip on NESN Sports Desk, awaiting the radiating waves of warmth to wash over me. Instead, Hazel up and tells me about “concerns” over Beckett’s shoulder and how the Sox are anxiously awaiting the results of his physical. She then goes on to explain that Papi himself is finally conceding the fact that Manny won’t be here in 2006.

“Manny is not returning to Boston,” Ortiz told the Associated Press in the Dominican Republic. “Manny is living through a difficult situation (in Boston) that only he and his family know and he no longer wants to play there.” Ramirez apparently reiterated his request to be dealt to a western team to Ortiz. “I spoke with him last week before he left for Brazil and he told me that he wants to go to a team in the West,” said Ortiz.

And just like that ::finger snapping sound:: I’m off the OJ, and into the Night Train.

Still, things could be worse

PS: Hazel, I realize that you’re only the messenger. No harm intended. And I hope we’re still on for Sonsie tonight.