This is really not what I had in mind for the Hot Stove season. I had visions of Theo trading some no-name single A player for Soriano. Theo signing Paul Konerko for the league minimum. The whispers of the new Three’s Company with Ortiz, Michelle Damon and Hazel Mae sharing an oceanside bungalow in the shadows of the Kennedy compound. Remy and D.O. having a team of hot tabledancers behind them during every broadcast. Good times, good times.

Instead, it looks like a long, cold winter ahead. Theo is getting offers from the Brockton Rox. The Yankees have their crosshairs and their dollar signs focused on Johnny Damon. Ford wants their truck back from Keith Foulke. Dr. Charles is being named as the evil genius behind Theo-Gate to try to steal headlines from the Patriots. Manny and Wells will likely be traded for prospects that never pan out or washed up players who spend next year on the DL.

Quite simply, there is too much crap going on at Yawkey Way for anyone to actually focus on building the 2006 team. By the time the dust settles from replacing the GM, no doubt with an inferior version, many free agents will already be in negotiations with other teams. And with all of the lack of trust talk and turmoil in the front office, what players will want to come to Boston? Red Sox Nation lives by their faith. That faith was in the players and in Theo, not in John Henry and company. On November 4th, I’m very worried about the team that will take the field next April.