When things get a little slow in the world of baseball, SG is going to talk a little Patriots talk. Since Red doesn’t know the difference between a touchdown and a reacharound, and starts to get all weird when he hears things like “dropped balls”, “wide receivers” and “tight ends” I guess it falls on me to do the talking.

The Patriots are in dire need of help in the secondary if they have any ideas of prolonging their dynasty. Starks riding the bench in the second half of the game should send a pretty clear signal that something will change this week. Otis “My Man!” Smith is only 50 years old, he might still have some giddy-up in him.

The Colts look almost unstoppable this year. A little too early for the “undefeated season” talk, but as they piled up six or eight hundred passing yards against the Pats, you could hear the whispers start. A large part of their success is in the improved defense. They really don’t need to outgun all of their opponents when they can stop them occasionally on D. I won’t mention the candy-ass schedule they’ve had in the first half of the season.

The Pats face Miami this weekend, what better way to start a winning streak? If Bruschi continues to play well and Seymour comes back healthy, it is very possible this team could run the table in the second half. Two each against the Jets and Miami, at KC and Buffalo, and home against New Orleans and Tampa. Very possible.

I few quick baseball points:

Colon wins the Cy. Should have been Rivera.
Manny wants to be traded.
Theo is still not our GM.
John Henry has been dead for six years.
McCarver still sucks.