This idea was brought up in the comments to yesterday’s post, but we wanted to bring it up front, if for no other reason than to help folks fritter away more of their precious time while the boss drones on and on and the “Franken Berry” gets soggy.

If the Sox could only make three moves this off-season, what should they be?

Our own list would be as follows:

1. Keep Manny. Okay, this would probably qualify as a “non-move” since we’ve technically already got him locked up. But I’d say humor him by “attempting” to “look” for a “trade,” and just figger that a disgruntled Manny is better than, say, seeing Youkilis up with two outs in the ninth and the tying run on third. And exactly how “disguntled” could Manny actually be? I can see, say, Carl Everett being a distraction if he wanted out. But Manny? Just give him his seat next to Papi on the bench and team bus and I’m guessing he’ll be fine.

2. Sign Damon. Gotta have JD at the top of the order. If Edgah comes around, we could find ourselves putting up the much-desired “crooked number” in the first inning of every game.

3. Sign a starter. I know there’s been a lot of talk about BJ Ryan and whatnot, but I’m of a mind that Foulke can come back bigtime in 2006. Of greater concern is the starting rotation, where we’ll lose Wells and his 15 wins, and so many questions remain surrounding Curt and The Emancipator.

Your thoughts?

On a side note, when did Franken Berry get stripped of his machismo? Okay, he was perhaps the most “fey” of the Monster Cereal guys [Although Boo Berry was a bit wispier, he had that bizarre, almost Cuban accent that gave him an “edge”], but the newest incarnation on the cereal box? Looks like he just came from dress rehearsal with N*SYNC.