Is this the future firstbaseman for the Boston Red Sox? If not, then who? The free agent market looks pretty thin in a lot of positions. Many of those positions are the very same ones the Red Sox need to fill. Other than Konerko, who will be one of this hot stove season’s most sought-after players, there aren’t many legitimate options for the Sox. At least not if they want to head in the direction of younger, cheaper players. Tino Martinez and Raffy Palmeiro will be available. I’d rather put a cardboard cutout of George Scott at first.

Pitching, particularly good bullpen help, is another hole the Sox will need to fill. Signing Timlin was a good start. The problem the GM will have is the amount of uncertainty in what he will be working with. Wells wants out, Schilling might never be Schilling, and Foulke is a constant ass ache and may not be the same as the 2004 version ever again. Not knowing if you have an ace and a closer to build around makes things very difficult. If you have any doubts, see 2005 as a reference. Oh, and I guess having a GM under contract beyond tomorrow would help.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Billy Wagner take over the closer role. And what about a guy like Ted Lilly? At least then we wouldn’t have to face him a few times a year. With the additional questions in the outfield and second base, look forward to a lot of activity this winter. If Damon leaves, what about a guy like Torii Hunter patrolling the outfield at Fenway. The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure we’ll hear every rumor from Yaz coming out of retirement to Jeter coming here to play second. But it will be enough to get us through until spring training, right?