One year ago today [give or take a few hours… my mind was a blur back then], Pedro pitched his last game in a Red Sox uni. And it was a good one.

Also, the Red Sox’ reign as World Champeens officially ended last night. Congrats to the White Sox. Oh, and thanks to Houston for costing me a godly sum. Couldn’t win one bloody game? Sheesh.

Was it me, or was that one of the more… I dunno… boring World Series in recent memory. We knew going in the only potential for real drama was “when will Ozzie flip out and shiv someone?” But with his team pretty much coasting along, it never had to come to that. Unfortunate, as it’s amazing what shivving can do for ratings. I mean, when Three’s Company ran that storyline wherein the transvestities shivved Larry outside the Regal Beagle? Through the roof.

Anyway, now we can all settle down and get ready for “Regis & Kelly with Ozzie Guillen” and A.J. Pierzynski for Quiznos Subs.

And L’affiare d’Epstein is expected to conclude today. Stay tuned.