The World Series is over. Thank God. Maybe I OD’d on baseball during the season watching the Comcast package. Or maybe I was just disappointed we weren’t watching the Red Sox. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I think part of the reason was not only was there no team to root for, there wasn’t a “bad guy” to root against. Both teams were nice, well-behaved gentlemen on the field. No benches cleared, no pitchers running in from the bullpens, no charging the mound. Just a lot of ” please” and “thank you” and boredom.

Now, the hottest of hot stoves is here.

What we know…

Johnny Damon, Bill Mueller, Tony Graffanino and Kevin Millar have filed for free agency.
Mike Timlin is staying, signing a one-year deal with the Red Sox.
Theo Epstein’s contract expires Monday at midnight.

What we hear…

Manny wants to be traded…again.
Foulke bitching. Alot.
Wells demanding a trade to the west coast.

And it is only October 29th (and already snowing in the Boston Area)…