So here we are again. The postseason.

How did we get here? How did this even happen? I mean, didn’t we just win the World Series? You mean to tell me an entire goddam baseball season has passed since that time?

Can’t be. Can it?

Not sure about you folks, but to me, this entire season has seemed like… I dunno… bonus material tacked on to the DVD that was 2004. Suddenly, I’m all Charlton Heston waking up to find that there’s an ALDS to be played, and friggin’ Cornelius the chimp is fixing my waffles.

The best thing about making the postseason for the third year in a row? For me, it’s the very fact that there’ll be at least another week [or, er, at least another four days] of baseball. The worst? Clearly, it’s the fact that for however far this season takes us, we’re not in Rem Dawg country anymore.

Not that Remy won’t be with us at all. NESN will still be rolling out its postgame programming, ensuring The Eck’s ‘stache of more honest work. But during those precious games, when it matters most, we’ll be alarmingly Remy-free. Even worse, we’ll be dropped carelessly into the arms of those doofuses [doofi?] from ESPN and, if we ascend to the ALCS, the horror show that is Buck & McCarver.

To me, it just isn’t fair. Remy’s got that souped-up website of his. Can’t he muster up some kinda webcast, so we can follow the action wrapped in the comfort of his voice? Don’t gimme that crap about “the express written consent of Major League Baseball, etc.” Rem Dawg could get all Pump Up The Volume on us like that ::snaps finger::, taking it underground like some sorta broadcast dealer, providing us with a pivotal fix when we need it most. And he should bring that Orsillo feller around as well. ‘Cause we like him, too.

Short of that, we need Virtual Rem Dawg, through which a holographic Remy is beamed directly into our houses. He’ll do some play by play, discuss the game after it happens, and then, for a nominal fee, perhaps help out with a few other things, like tax forms or that annoying ping under the car’s hood.

Oh, and as for the game itself? I dunno… I’ve got a bad feeling about Game One. But I think the Sox — our Sox — will take it in four. Yes, the White Sox are throwing a formidable pitching staff at us. But the one advantage our guys have is that they don’t have to pitch to our line-up. Good hitting can beat good pitching, but only if the boys show patience, and folks like Edgah, Mueller, El Bencho and Nixon can rise to the offensive occasion.

Locked and loaded people. Here we go again.

Play your “get out of work early” cards close to the vest. And we’ll see you at 4:00pm.

Oh, and your predictions for the ALDS are, as always, welcome in our comments section.