Good morning. Pietro, the Surviving Grady intern here. Red and Denton have left control of this worthless slag heap in my hands for the duration of today’s post. I’m here to basically respond to some reader comments and e-mails.

But before I get into that, the boys wanted me to pass along a king-sized hug and a hearty handshake to each and every Surviving Grady reader. You guys and gals are the reason Red & Denton keep churning out their subpar ramblings, and they want to thank you for making us a part of your day. Without your support, in the form of baseball knowledge or witty commentary (OK, and buying shirts and their book), they probably would have folded up the tent long ago.

They also want to thank some of the media types who have been kind enough to donate actual articles to this website and the SG book, including Mike Miliard of The Boston Phoenix, Joshua Glenn of The Boston Globe, and the folks at, who named Surviving Grady among the top three Red Sox blogs. You can all rest assured that the bribe money is in the mail.

And now, on to your questions:

What are you doing for the off-season? Will you keep spilling this bile?
Red doesn’t know much about football and Denton does a lot of community service in the winter as part of his debt to society. But the guys will still be here every day, making your world that much less comfortable to live in. Oh, and in December, every post will be guest-written by the guy who played Al on Happy Days.

The Grady thing is so over. Why don’t you change the name of your blog?
Well, Dad, even though we have, essentially, survivived Grady, as Steve Brady pointed out just moments after the Sox took Game 4 of the 2004 World Series, it is who we are. This site was started up as a form of therapy after the horror of the 2003 ALCS, and we feel that every day, in every way, we’re turning ourselves around and becoming better people for it. Also, we can’t afford another domain name.

What do you have planned for next year? Not that I’ll be reading…
More of the same. Wanna see anything in particular? Shoot us an e-mail or leave a suggestion in the comments section. The only thing we won’t do is porno. At least not for free.

You guys realize you’re just a couple of tools with a blog, right?
What was that? I can’t hear you from underneath Keira Knightley.