The nice thing about not having a horse in the World Series is that you can actually enjoy three square meals a day and six hours of sleep and don’t spend your waking hours pacing and babbling and shaking uncontrollably as last night’s Pabst keg slowly bleeds itself out of your system. That said, when I headed to slumberland last night, I figgered the Astros would take this one. Make a Series of it. Force the Sox to grind it out on their turf.

The I wake up, click on the laptop. And see this.

And while I can feel Houston’s pain — hell, nothing would have made me feel better than the thought of George Steinbrenner sitting pantsless in a dark room watching Clemens and Pettitte flash new rings — I get to this part of the article:

No team has ever overcome a 3-0 World Series deficit, and only one major league team has done it in any round of the postseason — the Boston Red Sox in last year’s AL championship series against the New York Yankees.

And suddenly I get a slight chill. I like the fact that the 2004 Red Sox will live on not only in our fevered minds, but as a reference point for every team that sees the ominous shadow of Hulk Hogan’s boot over its sack.

I wish Houston the best. But I think we all know which way this one’s swingin’.

Meanwhile, Theo rejects the latest Sox offer… and the clock keeps ticking. Imagine King George swooping in and taking li’l Theo to the Bronx? Mr. Lucchino, it may be time to up the ante with a busload of hot secretaries and permanent pre-game gigs for Trauser.

Lastly, there’s this from Mighty Mike Timlin: “I just want to be able to do this and get this done. I’m not going to say I need two years. We’ll do what we can to re-sign with Boston.”