Heaven help us. Here we go again.

Just when my heart had finally returned to its normal beating pattern. Just when the fingernails I’d chomped away last October had grown back nicely. Just when the judge cleared me of all charges stemming from the savage beating of some New York fans with a pimento loaf after Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS.

Another post season is upon us.

Don’t get me wrong. This is f–king spectacular. The fact that our boys have kept the season rolling overtime for three years straight is a good, good thing. I just hope my heart can take it.

And while something deep down inside of me tells me to prepare for an Anaheim vs. Chicago ALCS… I can’t help thinking that destiny [and the gangstas running FOX] would prefer a rematch of last year’s epic. How much more my heart can take, I’m not so sure.

I like our chances against Chicago. Yes, their pitching gives them the edge, but I’ve got that feeling that our offense is set to explode. And I’m holding to my earlier prediction: Edgah will be the hero of the post-season.

I’ve got to tell ya, I’m giddier than Nathan Lane during “Paint Your House Shirtless” week.

Bring. It. On.