If you’re going to Sunday’s game, do stop by The Souvenir Store [the one right across from Fenway Park on Yawkey Way] where Denton & I will be signing copies of the epic saga SURVIVING GRADY: A JOURNAL OF UNHEALTHY RED SOX OBSESSION DURING THE GREATEST SEASON EVER from 11:30-2:00. Come on by, point and laugh, make a comment about our shoes, then kick us in the jimmy. We need it.

I’ll admit I fell asleep before last night’s game ended [thanks, Amstel!], but as the calendar grows shorter, a win is a win is a win, and we’ll take it, even if it comes on a HBP. Papi hits another home run and unless the Yankees discover how to make Kryptonite baseballs, I can’t see anyone stopping him. They can only hope to contain him.

Tonight, it’s Arroyo vs. Haren in the battle of the guys who look they should be playing the Middle East club after the game.