No, he’s not busting out his new dance moves or cowering from a rabid mouse. He’s getting hit by a pitch with the bases loaded in the bottom of the tenth inning to preserve the Red Sox game-and-a-half lead in the AL East. It was the most bizarre ending to a game since Eddie “Wheels” McGinty got an inside the park homerun on a dropped third strike in Little League.

But, as they say, a win is a win, and ladies and gents, we needed this one. Wakefield pitched his ass off again for nine innings and the Yankees hung on to win 11-10. If the good guys don’t pull last night’s game out, we would be starting the day with the thinnest possible lead of a half game.

Tonight, we get Arroyo vs. Haren, and both those boys can pitch. What we need is a breakout game for the bats. Other than Ortiz, who continues to defy odds, logic and the laws of physics, not a lot of offense lately. In Toronto this afternoon, we have the unlikely matchup of Chacon vs. Chacin. Let’s hope for a lot of scoring to further decimate the Yankee bullpen. Rivera may have to start pitching lefty if they keep needing him every night. Why do I think he’d still be effective?

Fresh batteries in the clicker and loosen up the thumbs, we also have BC versus Florida State in the ACC inauguration at the Heights tonight. Not a good night to be my wife.