Sean McAdams told a great story from the Red Sox clubhouse this morning. Members of the group Green Day were at Fenway taking a tour on Friday. They were hanging out with Johnny Damon when Kevin Millar found out who they were and wanted to go meet them. Being a huge country music guy, Millar knew nothing about Green Day. So he consulted resident music expert Bronson Arroyo. Bronson tutored him quickly, even teaching Millar a quick verse of a song. Millar goes over to the Green Day guys, puts his arm around one of them, and proceeds to belt out the verse Arroyo taught him, blabbering about how it was one of his favorite songs. Millar received some strange looks, then told the guys he had to go take BP. The song was Wonderwall by Oasis! Bronson punk’d him!

Some people believe in clubhouse chemistry, some don’t. I am a believer and I think it is a huge part of this team, particularly when people are struggling. And last night, Millar went 1 for 4 with 3 RBI. God help me, I think I’m starting to like the guy. Red Sox pitchers got no help from their defense (4 unearned runs on 3 errors) but were able to hold on for the win behind 8 strong innings from Clement.

Today, we get the return of David Wells. I expect no less than 8 solid innings and Wells taking a piss in the Orioles dugout when he exits the game. The Yankees get red-hot Zito tonight on ESPN. Vegas has it even odds on Joe Morgan wearing a pinstripe suit for the broadcast.