Orsillo: Two men on and here’s Aubrey Huff who struck out his first time up.

Remy: Any word on how Manny’s doing in New York tonight?

Orsillo: Home run in his first at-bat against the Brewers.

Remy: Hmmpf.

Orsillo: Huff swings and pops it up. Stairs moves in to catch it and that’s the first out of the inning.

Remy: Look at Papi. He’s really upset.

Orsillo: Well we all know how much he misses his good frie–HOLY SH-T, Ortiz just clocked Huff with a bat.

Remy: Wow.

Orsillo: Huff is down, and Papi is administering some kind of beating. Holy god.

Remy: Here come his teammates to the rescue. Or, maybe not…

Orsillo: No, looks like they’re all just giving Huff a good old fashioned beat down. Folks, it’s a blanket party.

Remy: You kinda figured the guys were taking it pretty hard, but this is incredible to see. Really shows you how close the guys were, you know? For all his peculiarities, Manny was loved. These guys really loved him.

Orsillo: Well, they’re showing none of that love to Huff right now. Jesus Christ, is that an arm?

Remy: No. No, someone’s leg. Maybe.

Orsillo: Kapler’s got some blood on his shirt. Likely not his own.

Remy: You could really see this coming, you know? There was a lot of anxiety heading up to the trade deadline, then the blockbuster deal is announced, and you just knew that emotions were going to spill over at some point. Hey, Wells has lost his pants.

Orsillo: Interestingly, he’s way out in right field… not even a part of this donnybrook. Somebody should really try to break this thing up.

Remy: I think they might be going for John Henry next.

Orsillo: F–k god almighty! Should we be showing this?

Remy: Yeah, why not? It’s cathartic. Hell, I might get down there myself.

Orsillo: You’re not serious. We may have to switch over to The Crazy Fisherman. Can someone switch us over to The Crazy Fisherman?

Remy: Check it. Someone just booted the ump in the weenis.


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