From SG reader Jim Brady…

For my dad, William G. Brady (1925 – 2001). Like many New England mothers and fathers, he waited.

Jim Brady
Key West, FL
October 2004

Our Fathers Now Rest
For eighty six years we have been jaded,
Ever since the Babe was traded.
His curse prevented championships,
Suspended past our fingertips,
And decades passed while dreams were crushed,
As Fenway’s faithful crowds were hushed.
Relentless heartbreak’s all we’ve known.
The seeds of sorrow in souls were sown.
Will season’s end reveal more terror,
Like Dent’s home run or Buckner’s error?
While contemplating hands of fate,
And generations of anguished wait,
The Yankees taunt us, “Three to none!”
To come back now? It’s not been done!
But Boston has the expertise,
Like Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz,
To be the first in history,
To rally back to victory.
Game four! Game five! Game six! Game seven!
Now dare we dream of Seventh Heaven?
But win we did! Indeed, each game!
To stun New Yorkers into shame.
While Red Sox fans screamed, “Who’s your Papi ?!”
The Yankees, shocked, were none too happy.
What George’s cash could never buy?
Revenge so sweet none can deny.
We now advance to our World Series,
To break the curse and end all queries.
The mighty Cards have got top billing,
But no one told that to Curt Schilling!
The Cards were felled immediately.
They lost game one! Game two! Game three!
Now dare we let our spirits soar?
For Heaven knows, we’ve been there before!
But stars aligned, eclipsed the moon,
St. Louie’s fate was destiny’s doom.
A lead off blast by Johnny D,
Foretold eight straight to history!
We took the series! In four we swept!
As Red Sox Nation openly wept.
“The Idiots won!” each game we hailed.
They always led and never trailed.
Historic milestone for the city.
No disappointment. No more pity.
“The curse is broken!” is Boston’s rave,
As Ruth rolls over in his grave.
Four generations of vindication,
Washed away in mad elation.
To Boston dads who are deceased:
“Sleep with smiles. Now rest in peace”
And if you ask me what it’s worth?
To say, “Look, Dad! We’re best on Earth!”