What is going on in Red Sox Nation? We have two presidents go down in one game: Nixon while swinging the bat and Honest Matt on the assassination attempt. And now, two of our marquis players decide to bump uglies out in no-man’s-land. A frightening collision that somehow Manny got the worst of. Seeing him stopped in his tracks by Renteria was surreal. There was a priceless shot of Damon running over to help, then looking back and forth, unsure who was hurt worse.

Against the Royals, though, I think we could have started Johnny Pesky and the cast of Golden Girls and came out with a W. They suck, end of story. And we must complete the sweep today. Did anybody else think Kyle Snyder looked eerily like our own Bronson Arroyo?

After suffering through another endless commute with sports radio keeping me company, I’ve decided that Red Sox Nation is still not comfortable playing the role of a winner. The players went through it during the off-season with the endorsements and appearances, but they got right back to business when the season started. The media and the fans, however, still seem to be struggling with the adjustment. We are defending champions and have opened up a four-and-a-half game lead over the Yankees, and the mood seems to be the same as it would be if we were fighting for the wild card.

How can people not be ecstatic watching the Yankees taking players off the scrap heap, many from the Red Sox? Look at their ace, Mike Mussina (who ironically was their big signing right before we signed Manny), he has become the best 4-inning pitcher in the game. Their big off-season signings this year, Pavano and Wright, non-factors. They announced they will not pick up the option on Bernie Williams for next season. They are sinking, not as fast as the O’s, but sinking nonetheless.

Meanwhile, the Sox put out patchwork lineups, bring up youngsters, and put their own ace in the bullpen, and all they do is win games. I say, enjoy it while it lasts. People have waited a lifetime for this. Next year, we may be just another team trying to make the playoffs while someone else’s players are strutting around on Queer Eye and writing books and making bad commercials. Carpe Diem.