How ridiculous is this guy? Four hits, two of them homeruns, and six RBI, five of those coming with two outs. Against the team with the best record in baseball. And it was just enough to win the game. After the game, he held court in the interview room and had the press mesmerized with his positive approach to the game and open, honest demeanor.

When asked why he thought he was better against lefties this year, we got to see another side of Big Papi. He told how he spent the off-season working with three former coaches, all lefties, learning how to hit. Already a formidable offensive presence, he worked all winter at his craft to get even better. And it worked. That is the kind of story all Red Sox fans should want to hear more of.

In addition to all of his on-field highlights, Ortiz is the type of player who tries to give something back. He spoke of his day yesterday spending a couple of hours with kids at Good Times in Somerville, taking pictures and signing autographs. One of the kids told Ortiz he wanted him to hit two homeruns. Ortiz finished the interview saying “I better go find that guy tomorrow and see what he has for me.”

Whether he finds the kid or not, I think we all know what to expect from Big Papi every day.