I know, a win is a win. But is it necessary to raise our blood pressure to dangerous levels, cause corrosive acid to flood our guts, and make our eyes bleed? I mean, we had a blowout in the making. That magic time where RemDawg and D.O. break out of the all-baseball mode and start sporting do-rags and talking jive. The good times. Then the bullpen happened.

There are reasons why guys like Bradford and Remlinger are floating around in August. Sure, they’re fine to throw in against teams like KC or Tampa Bay, but against major league hitters…not so much. They combined to destroy a great start by the Lanky One, even greater in hindsight seeing what the Texas lineup is capable of against lesser pitchers. The Remlinger era may end up shorter than the Cruz Jr. era. Time to bring up the kids.

Wanna talk defense? Evidently Edgar decided to ignore the sage advice of R. Lee from earlier this week. He was charged with two errors, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, was saved from a third by Millar’s scoop at first base. And we witnessed last night why Bellhorn will remain part of the Red Sox equation: his ability to turn the double play. It seems to escape the rest of the Sox infielders.

A couple of other notes;

I’m a big Trot Nixon fan, but I have to admit I love what Kapler brings to the game. Can he play center next year if Damon moves on?

Does Hazel Mae have a crush on Tito? When they do game breaks for Sports Desk she’s all “look at me I’m a professional woman talking sports, wearing my conservative business suit.” Then she does her post-game interview, and shows up in shirts that test the strength of fabric trying to keep the twins from busting loose. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. And I’m sure Tito doesn’t mind either.

Warning: Rant Coming.

Who the hell is the arbitrator that decided Kenny Rogers’ suspension was too long? How do you look at the film and come to the conclusion that any punishment for what he did is too much? With steroids already casting a shadow over the game, does baseball really need this? Did the arbitrator maybe look a lot like Donald Fehr or Gene Orza except for the big nose, thick glasses and bushy eyebrows? And for the Ranger organization to just say “we’re glad to have him back in the rotation” is absurd.

If you are going to the game tonight, represent. Let this hack know it is not OK, despite what the players union and Texas say, to f–k with our game. Boo, chant, bring signs, be creative. But get the message across.

End of rant.
End of post.