Good morning. I’m Pietro, the Surviving Grady intern. Red and Denton asked me to come out here this morning and let you know that they’ve decided to simply wipe last night’s 12-0 loss to the Twins from their memory banks, and they’d like for you all to do the same. Just kick it Eternal Sunshine-style and forget that it ever happened. Then get ready for Boomer versus Santana tonight. Should be a good one. Just don’t mess with his cake.

The guys also wanted me to mention that tomorrow — that’s Sunday, August 7 — they’ll be at KC’s Sports Memorabilia at 33 Temple Street in Quincy peddling copies of their pathetic little book, Surviving Grady: A Journal of Unhealthy Red Sox Obsession During the Greatest Season Ever. I can’t imagine why anyone would actually want to go see Red and Denton, unless they were planning on beating them with reeds, but they’ll be at KC’s from 1:00pm to 4:00pm tomorrow, listening to the game and bothering the shit out of anyone who’ll give ’em the time of day. Myself, I’d rather rub a cheese grater along the underside of my sack. But that’s just me.

Later, skaters.