Best win of the season. Am I crazy to call it that? Certainly the best win since that last game I called the best win of the season.

There’s always that thing, you know. That thing where someone gaffs an easy play — loses one in the sun, trips on an old sandwich while getting under the ball, you know what I mean. Last night, we had a pop foul by Manny that Joe Crede should have caught. F–k, I’m still convinced he really did catch it, and the events that unfolded afterward were simply the creation of NESN’s special effects people. But once that ball hit the grass, I said to myself — as doubtless millions others did across the Nation — “Now watch him hit a home run.”

And he did. And man, was it glorious.

So a nailbiter turns on an error that gives second life to one of the game’s most dangerous hitters. And if the Gods of Drama were truly interested in playing with our heads, they’d have let Crazy Carl blast one out in the bottom of the ninth just to keep us on our toes.

But they didn’t. And it was so, so awesome.

I’d write more, but I’m off for a day of intrigue and magic at the local DMV. But I will leave you with a question that I’m just too friggin’ lazy to look up for myself. Is there anyone, pound for pound, who has left the Sox and come back to haunt us as much as Carl Everett? Seems everytime the dude plays us, he’s knocking at least one home run. I know Pudge Fisk went to Chicago to ruin a lot of our Sundays, but Carl really seems to tear into us.

Seacrest out.