The starting pitcher was gone. The manager was gone. And the 0-2 pitch to Manny was gone. A bizarre night at Fenway with Wells getting tossed by the second base ump, Tito getting bounced by the first base ump, and the Red Sox finally taking the lead on Manny’s opposite-field home run. Which, by the way, featured Manny walking halfway to first, watching the ball, I guess waiting to see if it stayed fair or was caught, and finally breaking into his trot.

No shortage of drama by anyone in the bullpen not named Timlin. Embree didn’t look horrible, but had a couple of runners on. That was when Tito came out to argue a not-so-close play at first. I think I could read his lips to the first base umpire saying “will you f–cking toss me so I don’t have to watch this d-bag blow the game!” Foulke came on to get the final out of the eighth and pitch a shaky ninth (2 hits and a very deep fly-ball out) to preserve the win. Wells’ ejection cost him the “W”, letting Timlin vulture a nine pitch win.

Some pretty good defense in this game. Mueller snared a line drive (also had a bases-loaded double) and Edgah! looked sharp. The Yankees and the O’s both won, keeping the lead where it was. More bad news for Yankee fans; Pavano will miss his next start. OK, maybe that’s good news for Yankee fans.

Today, the rubber game features Arroyo against a very tough “Doc” Halladay. Get ready for the OK Corral and Tombstone references.