Who would pay $135 to go watch a ballgame on TV? Not even a real game, but an exhibition game? Well…me…and 999 other Red Sox faithful. And, yes, I will do it again next year.

The 2nd annual RemDawg “Party Like An All-Star” event was worth every penny.

First, you get to go on the field. Well, around the field anyway. Highly trained snipers were stationed along the upper reaches of the park, just waiting for someone to be so bold as to touch a blade of grass. But around the field is good. The scoreboard, the dugouts, the bullpens, the Pesky Pole, and of course, the wall. The Green Monster. Thirty-seven feet, two inches of history.

In the stands, you get the run of the place. Bleachers, the Ted Williams seat, Monster seats, roof boxes and the 406 Club all open to everyone. I’ve never watched a game from the Monster seats, but it is now my mission in life. The view is unique. And spectacular.

Next stop, the trophy. Finally, my eyes have seen the glory of the World Series Trophy. It is smaller than I thought, but it could never be large enough for what it represents, could it? And yes, I touched it.

Dinner, and the RemDawg Q&A session were next. The spread was decent, including burgers, dogs, pasta, chicken, salad, and cookies. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Red Sox Nation is blessed to have this man. He is every bit as entertaining, articulate and knowledgeable taking unrehearsed questions and speaking off the cuff as he is during the broadcasts. I wish D.O. or Eck occupied the seat next to him for the Q&A instead of Jim Rice, but Remy made it work.

The Red Sox clubhouse was open for a walkthrough, although understandable the lockers were roped off. The lockers are actually more like open closets (no doors) so you can see everyone’s stuff hanging up. Maybe just for show, but they each had a jersey hanging with the number clearly visible so you’d know whose locker it was. Very cool.

The visitor’s batting cages, located behind the scoreboard, was next. It had to be 90 degrees under there, but worth a little sweat to take a few cuts in the same place as so many legends have in the past.

Finally, back to the 406 Club. Where I got to meet the RemDawg, shamelessly plug the book, and get pictures with Remy, in full bling, holding a copy. They raffled off a bunch of cool stuff, none of which I won, and RemDawg (to my surprise) stuck it out until the end, even pulling some of the raffle winners. In my opinion, a great night. Oh, and I guess there was a game on too?