‘Cause when a long-legged lovely walks by
Yeah you can see the look in her eye
~Billy Idol

A hot steamy day at the ballpark in Boston. The ladies have traded in jeans and t-shirts for light summer dresses, strappy tanktops and halters. Beers go down faster, before they start to evaporate. The mood is restless. Clapping causes a fresh stream of sweat from every pore. And the game goes on. Tempers are short with the heat of the day and the history of games past. Anything can happen. Christie Brinkley is in the house sporting a Red Sox cap. Take that Billy.

And before a single out is recorded in the bottom of the first, the Sox have scored six times and this one is all but over. Halama came in in the ninth and gave up two, hopefully punching his ticket out of town. The Yankees were getting a win from Jason “Biggie” Small who hasn’t started a game since 1996 and Baltimore fell victim to another walk-off win by the Twins.

The real story is the rapidly approaching trade deadline. Rumors are flying. Arroyo, Mueller and Millar all mentioned. Burnett, Romero and Lowell possibly ending up in Boston. I don’t know. Arroyo and Mueller helped us win a championship. And Arroyo looks like he could help this time for a long time (and for short money). Millar, take him, please.

Romero would certainly help stabilize the pen. Lowell has a lot of money left on his contract, can’t hit righties, and isn’t hitting for production. Burnett is the “has great stuff but hasn’t harnessed it or stayed healthy” guy. Schilling raves about him, but wait, Schilling raved about Mantei too. I just don’t know.

I’d like to see Arroyo stick around, and maybe try to keep Mueller for another year. But am I just being sentimental? Hanging on to the memories of those who helped win us a championship? I guess I’ll let Theo figure it all out. Did I mention Christie Brinkley was at the game?