The good news: A great game, punctuated by an excellent performance from Arroyo [two runs over 7 2/3 innings] and a Spiderman-esque line drive snare by Edgah. It’s Saturday morning. The Sox lead the East by 3.5 games. There are two Jessica Alba films playing at my local theater. It gets no better.

The bad news: Everyone who got a “night off” on Thursday came up huge, with Damon going 4-for-5, Manny getting 2 hits and knocking in 3 runs, and, as mentioned earlier, the Rent’s brilliant catch. This, of course, opens the door for future occurences of Operation Silly-Ass Line-Up. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, the Yankees win again. Because they have to. Because you know what’s coming. You know how it’s all gonna end. What it’s gonna come down to.


Also: Welcome Back, Hammer.