Not me.

The team is still in first and six out of the next nine games are with Tampa and KC. Time to start treating them like the second-tier teams they are. Sweeps in both series are in order.

The trading deadline is rapidly approaching and I have no doubt moves will be made to improve the club. Pitching, pitching and more pitching. I’d like to see some of the prospects come up and get their feet wet – in the right situations of course.

The Yankees and O’s continue to struggle with starting pitching. The fans of those teams are going to wish they caught the Sox during this stretch: 9 and 12 in the month of July. Because this team is going to get better.

Schilling is going to produce in some role – setup or closer. Edgar is hitting better. Ortiz is Ortiz, and Manny is getting his opposite field groove back. The “fans” that are constantly barking about blockbuster trades and the superhuman abilities of prospects that they’ve never seen play need to stand down. This team is good. Better than they’ve shown over the last few weeks. Do they need help if they are going to go deep into October? Absolutely. And I have no doubt that help is coming this week.