Just when I thought I’d rather drink the sweat off a gorilla’s nutsack than see another Tim Wakefield start, the guy comes through in a huge way. Last night, before a national ESPN audience, Our Man Timmy channelled the powers of Niekro and executed Secret Goatee Maneuver #173, which involves seven innings of spectacular knuckling, and limiting the Cubbies to a paltry four hits. And to our friends at The Department of Homeland Security, you can rest confident that this is the last time we’ll be mentioning Secret Goatee Maneuver #173.

It was also good to see Manny make a bid for busting out of Lukewarm Villa [coming this fall to Univision!] by launching one out of Wrigley Field. And Robo Damon simply continues to shock and amaze, reading TV scripts and shooting commercials with one hand, going 3-for-4 and missing the cycle by one measly single with the other. He is like Ted Nugent, minus the horrible singing but with astute leadoff hitter sensibilities. Also, Johnny was never in the band “Damn Yankees.” You have to respect that.

The start of something big, or just another in what will be a long line of impressive victories that highlight lost series? We’ll see things a bit clearer tonight, with The Emancipator squaring off against Eric Milton. Yes, Cincy’s back in town… let the 1975 World Series revenge mojo run wild!