Johnny Damon, I’m sorry I ever doubted you. Sorry I ever thought that your wedding and book signings and TV appearances and banjo tour of Finland with Mike Nesmith could knock you off your game. Since this season began, you’ve been one of the most consistent producers in a team rife with inconsistencies. You’ve successfully balanced the primal urge to hang with Drew Barrymore and the dudes from AC/DC with a winner’s mentality that has you barrelling headlong into walls and getting the key hit when we need it most. Like last night’s bases clearing double that turned a game that was just “alright” into one that was “super f–king holy sh-t!”

Grow your hair, shave your beard, get a tattoo of the cast of Hee Haw across your back. Just don’t stop being the fella you are. Because we like having this guy around, we do.

Also, I dig the missus.

Oh, and… check it.