‘Round this time last week in Cleveland, the Injuns had won nine in a row and were rolling to the point that the local Arby’s chain was briefly considering “Wear Your Cap Like C.C. Sabathia” Night. Then the Sox showed up to chloroform the win streak, pillage their souvenir stands, and take the name of Andre “Thunder” Thornton in vain.

So it should come as little surprise last night that, with the Sox riding a seven game streak, the Sons of Eric Wedge [or “Wedgies,” as we like to call them] were looking to dispense a bit of “street justice.” And they did, with Kevin Millwood limiting the Sox to three measly hits. It really wasn’t pretty at all… particularly a bizarre play in which a Grady Sizemore shot took a weird bounce-like-thing off Trot’s glove and over the fence for a two-run homer, prompting Tito to drop this gem:

“When stuff like that happens to Trot, I don’t go ask him. He’ll wring somebody’s neck.”

Not much to say after a buzzkill like that. The only highlights were Aaron Boone getting plunked by Arroyo [now if he could just knock Grady on the coconut…] and Damon running his hit streak to fourteen games. We shake it off, we come back tomorrow, we wish for better things. That’s how we roll.