Don Orsillo: The magic is back, and when I say “the magic,” I mean the Sox applying a generous helping of beat-down on opposing teams. With yesterday’s victory over the Phillies, the Sox go 6-0 on this road trip, taking their twelfth win in thirteen games. It’s all over. Get the champagne out now, people. We’ll see you in October.

Jerry Remy: Well, Don, it’s too early to predict such things, but the Sox are finally playing like World Champions. They took an early 7-0 lead, then saw it slip away, but held on to get the 12-8 win. Timely hitting was the name of the game. What a road trip for the offense!

Don: F–k that noise. Bellhorn getting three hits including a homer? David Wells thumping around the bases like The Rhino from the old Spider-Man comic books?* Manny reclaiming his seat next to Zeus on Mt. Olympus? There are larger forces at work here.

Jerry: The single by Wells was perhaps the most surreal thing I’ve seen all season. It was as if, for a brief moment, the NESN feed was being controlled by David Lynch. Everything just seems to be falling into place for the Red Sox, and it’ll be great to see the reception they get tonight at Fenway as they begin their homestand against the Indians.

Don: Arroyo at home against the Injuns? Feh. Let’s talk starting rotation for the Division Series.

Jerry: The fact that the Sox will play the bulk of the second half of the season at Fenway bodes extremely well. They’ve been playing great there, and there’s no better place for them to try to keep this win streak alive.

Don: Also, who is that hot chick on the Ford Mercury ads we’ve been running? Dude!

Jerry [removes headset]: What the heck’s gotten into you?

Don: Sorry. I’m just trying to “keep it real.”

Jerry: Keep it real? Listen, just shut up and follow my lead will you? I’m tired of carrying your ass.

Don: Sorry. Sorry.

Jerry: And would you please put your goddam pants back on?

Don: But… it’s so hot.

*Props to Mr. Russo for the Rhino reference.