In San Diego for a conference last week. One of the most gorgeous cities on the planet and I’m confined mostly to sterile hotel conference space. Glad hands given, the appropriate asses kissed, a whirlwind of “good to see ya” and “let’s meet for a drink.” Lunch meetings, educational sessions, guest speakers, “Would you like a free pen?” “No, just put that shit away, Jackson.” And so on. Despite a close proximity to Petco Park, I’m unable to make the jaunt for Wednesday’s matinee against the Braves. Catching Baseball Tonight when I can, relying on USA Today for everything else.

And suddenly it’s Friday. And I walk out of the last meeting. And I literally remove my tie and throw it into Coronado Bay. And then I’m there. A waterfront bar with my sleeves rolled up and the sun in my face and the breeze working me over and cute, scantily-clad chicks everywhere. And with a little sweet-talking [and the promise of a hefty tip], the bartender flips on TBS, where the Sox are taking on Atlanta. It is 4:48pm Pacific Time, 76 degrees, and Jason Varitek is at the plate. Finally, everything in my world makes sense again.

Yesterday, my first full day back in Boston, I get to see another gem, with Matt Clement delivering his own Gettysburg Address, throwing a complete game and helping the Sox win their first series against the Braves in Fenway since this tiresome interleague stuff began. I shall spend the off-day catching up on the lost week and kicking it stovepipe hat style in tribute.

In other news, yesterday’s Globe interviews the Hebrew Hammer, now in Japan, who seems equally homesick:

“Jason Varitek left me a message in which he played a song we’d sung a lot on the plane, and it literally had me in tears,” Kapler said. ”I spend time learning about what is happening [with the Sox]. I knew Kevin [Millar] was struggling, [I wanted] to give him a hug to help him through the situation. Varitek, Johnny [Damon], I wanted to tell them how happy I am for them, the way they’re playing. [Doug] Mirabelli, Trot [Nixon], [Curt] Schilling, all those guys, I miss them a lot.”