One of my sisters knew Bernie Logue, the Red Sox clubhouse cook who died earlier this week, and she attended his wake this evening in West Roxbury.

She mentioned that while she was there, the entire Red Sox team — en route to the airport for their west coast trip — stopped in to pay their respects. In addition to the players, folks like Remy and Orsillo and Theo were also there, and each player carried a single rose which was laid at the casket. They also brought a framed jersey with the name “Logue” on the back. According to my sister, as you might expect, it was a sad and somber procession.

So why bring something like this up? I guess I was just so moved by the gesture. It’s the kind of heartwarming stuff you never read about, and a far cry from the days of “twenty cabs for twenty players.”

In this Red Sox clubhouse, everybody counts. It’s a family thing.

Bernie’s in our prayers tonight.

Photo from the Boston Globe.