First of all, can I just say thank you to NESN for going above and beyond to keep Boston fans ass-deep in Red Sox programming? Having been at work during what turned out to be one of the best games of this young season, I took comfort in the fact that when I got home, I could relive the magic with Red Sox in Two, the glorious “Cliffs Notes”-esque recapping. The good folks at NESN do everything short of send Remy and Orsillo door-to-door to recreate the game with marionettes [although I hear there’s a pilot program in Brighton], and I thank them for this.

Anyway, a spectacular game with a gaggle of highlights, including:

1) An effin’ brilliant performance from Arroyo, going six and one-third innings before surrendering a hit. Over eight innings he struck out 8, walked only 2, gave up one earned run, and then handed the ball to Foulke who closed ’em down in the ninth.

2) Ortiz, who’s been struggling with the wood, knocking in the winning run with a ninth inning double.

3) Terry Francona and Kevin Youkilis caught in full shirtless embrace on the bench.

4) Damon extending his hit streak to 12 games.

5) Vazquez stepping in for Renteria [after the latter left with a hurt digit] and promptly going 2-for-4 while knocking in the game’s first run.

6) Nixon with four big hits.

So… Schilling and Wells go down and just like that, baby’s in Reno with the vitamin D. The Sox win four of five and three in a row. The pitching has been exceptional. The hits are becoming more timely. Wade Miller’s set to face Seattle on Sunday. Could this, as Barry Manilow once asked, be the magic? Perhaps. Perhaps.

Lastly, today marks the first anniversary of this website. Prior to this blog, Denton and I communicated our thoughts on the Red Sox through decorative messages scrawled on toast. Man, am I glad those days are over.

Thanks to everyone who drops by every day. We truly, truly appreciate your patronage.

Oh, and on that list above? Of course we were kidding about number 3.