Timely hitting. Timely freakin’ hitting. Where did it go? A strong effort by Arroyo, not dominating, but good enough to win on most nights, was wasted. The Sox left more men hanging last night than Suzie DiFelipe, Malden High class of ’81 tease, voted most likely to…never mind, I digress. The point is, 12 hits and 4 walks should translate into a “W” for a lineup as dangerous as this one.

Back to Bronson. I love watching this guy pitch. The high leg kick, taking control of the inside of the plate, the nasty breaking stuff, the pained look on his face while he’s on the mound that changes into a kind of “I know something you don’t know” smirk when he’s back in the dugout. Magic. With Pedro gone, he is by far my favorite Sox pitcher to watch.

So, that sucked. The Yankees get a slam from grampa Williams to win their 600th game in a row, and we can almost hear their footsteps. But here’s something I’ve been pondering and wanted to throw out there. If you were the person who caught Manny’s 400th, would you have given it up for an autographed bat and ball?