Just your basic, solid win as the Sox take their second in a row in Detroit, leapfrogging Toronto in the standings to claim second place by a few percentage points and prompting an impromptu Thursday morning quiz.

1. Who else thought, even for a second, that Ramon Martinez’ fly ball out to end the game was actually going to be a game winning, two-run homer off Foulke? Anyone? Anyone? Just me? Okay.

2. Kevin Millar and Stephen J. Hawking break for first base at the same time. Who crosses the bag first?

3. Detroit Tigers: Coolest player’s names? [Consider that their roster includes a Dmitri, an Ivan, a Vance, an Omar, and, most importantly, a Nook.]

4. Wade Miller: Coming back too soon, or just in time?

5. Anyone else harbor the dream that Roger Clemens, frustrated at the Astros’ inability to protect his leads or score him some runs, demands a trade to Boston? Man, I miss me some Rocket.

Today is an afternoon game, so get your excuses ready so you can belly up to the bar [or couch, or pool table, or spaceship console… whatever works for you] and watch our man “Brandon” go for his fourth win. Myself, I’ll be using the time-honored “My parole officer needs to see me immediately.” Hope my boss is in a good mood.