Is there anything cooler than the walk-off home run? After a couple of fielding errors by Millar had us screaming for the return of Nick Esasky, Rally Karaoke Guy steps it up in the bottom of the ninth, driving an Octavio Dotel pitch up and away into the Monster Seats and sending everyone home with that warm, glowing feeling usually reserved for “Thong Night” in the bleachers.

As Millar himself said on the NESN postgame, “I just have to drive in more than I let in.”

I’ll readily admit that last night’s game was the first time I got that “feeling” again. I’ve essentially been on auto-pilot since the last out of the World Series, absorving it all but missing the passion. Not so anymore. Damon goes 3-for-3 and gets precariously closer to .400. Arroyo turns in another great performance. David Wells hams it up with Eck on the postgame show. These are good times.

This afternoon, we get Clement vs. Zito. And you wanna know just how good Clement is? Dude’s on the five dollar bill.

Oh, and here come the Stones.