Key hits from the guys who needed to deliver them most? Check. [Most pleasing was Edgah’s grand slam.] Another exceptional performance by Matt “Send it to my Gettysburg Address” Clement? Check. A stark reminder of just how potent this line-up can be when everything just clicks right into place? Check. Terry Francona dropping trou to reveal a face scrawled in lipstick on his pasty ass cheeks, taunting the media during the post-game interviews? Well, that didn’t happen. [At least not that we know.] But what we saw was a powerful display, and hopefully the sort of thing that can get the good ship Sox righted. Tonight, who knows which David Wells will show up, but considering his comfort in the confines of The Stadium and the butterflies of his first appearance there in the Boston duds now past him, we may be in for a goodie. Depending, also, on which Mike Mussina shows up. See you at 8:00pm on ESPN. Er, actually, I’ll be at a wedding, so I’ll catch the box scores tomorrow. Our best at SG to Rich and Sam!