George Steinbrenner tinkers with the Yankee line-up from his secret underground bunker.

John Halama gives five solid innings in a spot start while Yankee millionaire Kevin Brown is beaten down in the first inning by the Devil Rays. Clubhouse walls in Tampa are cringing in fear. Doug Mirabelli hits a grand slam while Yankee millionaire Jason Giambino strikes out twice, the second K ends the game. Giambi may be looking to rekindle the flame with his mistress whose departure he blames for his struggles. Her name? Ann Abolic.

Every day is a great day to be a Sox fan, but days like this are special. You can take a leisurely look at the standings if you want a quick chuckle. You can think about the Yankee fans who were belligerently saying “it’s only April” and wonder what their mantra will be this month. You can look at the pitching matchups and see that we’re back around to Wake, and that’s a good thing. Let’s check the Yankee starter, although we probably won’t bother doing that much longer. Some sites say Johnson but we know that isn’t true. Ah, here it is, Henn. Excellent.

I never believed in the “C” word as I’ve stated numerous times on this site, but I do believe in Karma, and I do believe the baseball gods have tipped the scales against the Yankees finally. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m just carried away on the winds of a solid win in a game that most people probably had marked down as a loss. Even Foulke’s now-expected ninth inning homerun didn’t bother me. I am a bit concerned that he’ll end up on the DL with a strained neck, but hopefully he’ll figure out his issues and turn back into the lights-out closer he was in the post-season last year.

Anybody read any good books lately?